We are almost the same as the old Argo, we still remember our remarkable past experience and wisdom, we just have a new life, and we are way better than before.
Our history has started in 1994 when “Castel” created “Argo”, the first beer with Georgian spirit. Interesting taste and sparkle of independence became the biggest value of the brand. After some time, “Argo” became nation’s favorite beer. In 2012 “Castel” became known as “Castle Georgia” and enriched “Argo” with Argonaut spirit. The bottling technology was also developed – Argonaut generation deserved the European standard beer. Over the time, “Argo”, the only beer with national values and high quality became the best friend of youngsters.

2017 became the year of renewal, development, and independence.

Now, we belong to ourself, which means that “Argo” is bottle by “Argo” bravery. Basically, we are working on our own development. We returned boldly and ambitiously. Just as everyone expected. Our renovated enterprise was created by modern, European, standards, and the process was controlled by German specialists. We have found additional investments, increased the production, retrained old staff, and hired new professional employees. As a result, we have improved the quality and taste of the product. Plus, we have renovated the design and we love it!
We came back with “Unusual Exhibition”, where our artist friends have created 15 different and unique labels. Amazed by new style, we decided to turn the “Unusual Exhibition” into tradition and renew our labels every year. In between the “Unusual Exhibitions”, we are using our brand new label, which we like so much. For now, our customers can taste three types of “Argo”: lager, pilsner, and dark. In addition, we took care of the resurrection of the ancient Netherlands recipe and will soon offer customers a new beer.
So, we started a new life – improved the existing technology, preserved traditions, have big plans for the future, and are very proud of our past!